Special cervical-dorsal Polyester pad


This pad was designed to provide specific and localised relief to the cervical area and back. Manufactured in soft Polyester, it will allow you to quickly provide rest and relief to these two areas. You can select from three different temperature settings. Its detachable regulator allows you to wash the belt as many times as you need to and it will always return to its first-day freshness.

Our range of electric heat pads has been designed to provide maximum relief to your muscle aches and pain. By alleviating pain and discomfort, you can recover strength and have more time to do what you most enjoy and pleases you. We design our heat pads to foment relaxation, to improve your health and beauty.

Pekatherm products allow you to pamper yourself by improving your quality of life and enjoying all the benefits that heat can bring to the body. From time immemorial, the use of heat as a therapeutic agent has undergone many changes in how it is applied: from hot towels, to the use of oils and wax, to Pekatherm’s modern thermal pads. Nowadays, high technology has allowed a qualitative leap in how and where we apply heat, which, with the use of different fabrics, increases your health benefits even more.

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