Medium size 100% cotton heat pad


This is a mid-size thermal hating pad for easy application to any part of the body. Manufactured in 100% cotton and, thanks to its detachable temperature control, it is easily machine washable. It includes a cover for maximum protection.

From time immemorial, the use of heat as a therapeutic agent has undergone many changes in how it is applied, from hot towels, to the use of oils and wax. Now, everything has changed. High technology is now servicing your health needs through Pekatherm’s modern thermal pads.

Our range of electric heat pads has been designed to provide maximum relief to your muscle aches and pains. By alleviating pain and discomfort, you can recover strength and gain time to do what you most enjoy and pleases you. We design our heat pads to foment relaxation, to improve your health and looks. At Pekatherm we are keen to provide customers the best care methods to improve quality of life and enjoy all the benefits that heat provides.

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