Heated glove liners with battery case


Heated glove liners are the ultimate solution when there’s a need to warm the hands. Whatever the use or the activity to be performed, heated glove liners  allow you to use conventional gloves for the activity (fishing, hunting,  equestrianism, cycling, skiing, working or any other tasks in a cold environments). They are not suitable as exterior gloves. The thermal characteristics of the GU 900 glove liners are heavily dependent on the characteristics of the outer, non-heated winter glove being used to cover the heated liners during their usage. It is recommended that the outer conventional gloves have a multi-layer structure.

The heated glove liners, manufactured in fabric of minimal thickness, make it easy to put on the outer gloves, at the same time that they allow the fingers to maintain their sensitiveness. The fabric of the liners is elastic and is perfectly adjustable to the hand whilst allowing total freedom of movement.

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