Polyester under blanket with double controller and premium range features


This under blanket is manufactured in Polyester with high-range features. Its quick heat system will warm your bed in a few seconds so you can avoid getting into a cold bed without waiting.

Its detachable temperature control, along with four heat levels, will let you enjoy not only your bed but also your sleep. It features two detachable and independent controllers which will differentiate each person’s comfort level so each of you can select the optimal temperature for your best sleep.

These larger under blankets are especially designed for flexibility so they adapt to the mattress and your body. Having low-energy consumption they still generate an efficient rising heat. Low consumption combined with great heating potential will help us save energy. It’s not necessary to have the under blanket turned on all night to have a good sleep not use dangerous heaters. Using our low consumption under blanket for your mattress is enough to sleep placidly all night.

Take advantage of therapeutic heat. Heat improves blood circulation, eliminates toxins, relaxes and favours rest.  You’ll reduce sleeping problems making cold nights warmer and more pleasant atop your under blanket.

Pekatherm under blankets are 100% safe and reliable thanks to its double coiled wiring, its double thermal fuse and its automatic disconnect in the event of malfunction. Enjoy technology that provides maximum security.

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